Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ikea. On a Saturday. Need I say more? Somehow I always get the job of watching the younger two in the children's area while DH goes and looks at furniture. We were on a mission to get a desk for Daniel's room today, and some wall shelving. And a sugar bowl. It's quite appropriate that Daniel (accidentally) broke the sugar bowl -- must have been the diabetes in action.

DH and Daniel had success with desk and wall shelving. Across the store from their location, I repeated, quite urgently, to Nora & Dominic, "Watch out for the baby! Don't sit on the toddler!" while in the children's area. I also believe that when an 11 year old child has to contort herself like a circus performer to fit into one of covered, rotating egg chairs, that she is too large for the chair. That particular child had an argument with this belief of mine.

We were able to find gluten free food for Daniel (steak & potato) in the cafeteria, and although he woke up low this morning, he's been okay the rest of today. Yay! I don't have diabetes, but shopping in large stores wreaks havoc on my blood sugar. Daniel seems to have no such problem. Maybe because we were shopping for him!

We finally made it down to the "marketplace" area. I wandered the aisles (pulling little fingers off of the knives, scissors, cheese graters, tall stacks of china that were all reachable by my curious 6-year-old) and there were plenty of bowls to be seen... but no sugar bowl.

As I type, DH is hammering above. The desk is put together and the shelves will be up soon. Yay!


Jillian said...

The Ikea in College Park (which I am assuming is the one you shop at) is murder on a Saturday, unless you get there very early. I'm glad your quest was successful and free of diabetes & celiac woes.

(If the College Park comment seems stalker-ish, I live in Beltsville which is basically College Park.)

Naomi said...

Holy moley, you're right around the corner! Beltsville is where I go to Costco. Yes, we were at the very loud & crowded Ikea in College Park.

Do you see the gang from Children's' Hospital too? Laurel office?

Jillian said...

Yes I definitely am right around the corner. I live about a mile from that Costco. I am a former disgruntled patient of Children's Hospital the DC, Laurel, and Upper Marlboro offices. I was diagnosed there in 1996. We stayed with them until about 2002. Let's just say they were not exactly helpful, it seems like things have improved since then. I now see a doctor in Baltimore who is associated with Johns Hopkins and St. Agnes Hospitals.

Naomi said...

Funny, I've heard such mixed stories about Children's. We've had a good experience with them. But someone I work with has not been happy with the doc they got.

I'm glad you're in a better place now. It is so important to have a doctor (and office staff) that you trust to help you!!