Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Need a Wife

I work part time. I volunteer at my kids' schools. I cook, and sometimes double, because some members of my family balk at the gluten free stuff that Daniel has to eat (usually baked stuff like muffins, or GF pasta, which is pretty dense). Whine whine whine, but what it comes down to is that even with help from DH and the kids cleaning their rooms & doing their chores, there's still an awful lot to do before head hits pillow and usually it doesn't all get done.

Plus, I need time to blog. And upload diabetes 365 pictures.

So, I need a wife to take this one to karate and pick up the guitar method book for the other one and research gluten free recipes for the other one and maybe even take the time to call my mom & say hi. With one more person rotating into that 3 a.m. bg check, we'd all be a little more sparkly-eyed during the day time.

Payment is room & board plus chocolate & coffee. Call 1-800-crap-job.

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