Sunday, November 18, 2007

At the ER

It turns out that last night Daniel bolused for dinner, and then about 3 hours later bolused again to have a snack (it was movie time at the youth group lock-in). Soon after the 2nd bolus he threw everything up. Twice. He called home & knew there was going to be a problem because he was starting to go low & couldn't keep anything down.

Hubby raced off to church & I stayed at home with the sleeping siblings, waiting for periodic updates & scanning the diabetes sites online. They went to the hospital because Daniel's bg kept dropping. At the ER it was down to 55, even after Daniel kept sipping apple juice, so they gave him a glucose drip to bring him back up. At 2:30 a.m. when he finally got home, he was 165, but this morning at 10:30 woke up at 53.

He's better now. Able to eat & keep things down. The ER doc thought the combination of pickles & twizzlers could easily induce vomiting... but it was probably just a 24 hour bug.

Little illnesses are magnified with diabetes. I'm glad Daniel's home and feeling better.


Amylia said...

When you have a free moment and things calm down (glad all is well now), maybe you can do this...

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Mandy said...

Oh shoot, I tagged you twice. SORRY