Monday, October 1, 2007

A Reprieve

My daughter is sick today. Some days when she is sick, I am able to wrap her up in blankets, put her in front of a couple of good movies, and go to work for a couple of hours. She calls me every 20 minutes or so, and let's me know how she's doing. We're very close, Nora and I. She's moving steadily on to her teenage years, so I hope and pray this closeness remains. She's my only girl.

Today was not a day I could go to work. Sore throats are one thing, stomach bugs are something else entirely. Sicknesses involving bathroom emergencies require parental attendance.

For now, she's ingested immodium, she's cocooned in blankets and zoning out to The Simpsons, and I'm here with her. With my snuggle bunny. And my laptop. With the piles of laundry that didn't get done this weekend (hey, it was a gorgeous weekend). With a small pile of bills and an unread book and a new recipe for gluten-free bread. All the boys have left the house, to work and to school.

It's quiet. I'll make us some tea and, sickness aside, enjoy our hours together.


Shannon said...

Too bad the mother/daughter bonding time involves sickness :( But I'll bet she feels so much better having mom hanging out with her.

Naomi said...

Yes! And I'm much happier being home with her. I *hate* having to take care of things at work when I know someone is home not feeling well!

I thought of you the other day... had the biggest laugh when I got a catalog in the mail and there was an item in it that would have helped you a while back (from one of your old posts). Look at this:

... and have a laugh!

Shannon said...

Ha! I posted it on my blog. Whoever invented must've had the same hang up I do, LOL.