Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Dominic is sick today. He is supposed to be boarding the school bus right now for a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Instead, he is watching Hot Wheels World Race and drinking hot honey milk.

Usually he sleeps right through Daniel's middle of the night blood sugar tests, but I noticed a couple nights ago that he was tossing and turning. Should have been my first clue.

I'm staring at the screen, my brain vacant and echoing over lack of sleep. We increased the lantus yesterday but the midnight & 3 a.m. numbers still rise over 200. *sigh*


Shannon said...

It might take a few days for his body to get used to the new adjustment. And just for good measure, his body will change again causing a new change in dosage, ha!!

Hang in there with the sick kid and the pesky diabetes.

Major Bedhead said...

I hate sick days. Hate them.

Is he on Lantus now? If he hasn't adjusted in a few more days, you could ask your endo about doing a split dose. A lot of people have success with that because in spite of the literature, Lantus does peak in some people and it doesn't always last the full 24 hours.

Naomi said...

We're on Lantus as of Thursday, the 11th. So I know we have some adjusting to do, and I have to keep sick boy away from diabetes boy with a wall of bleach between them!

I don't think the endo will go for a split dose until she sees what happens over the next few weeks (when, as Shannon said, everything will change again, DAMNIT). What I hate is, from everything I read, all the blogs, message boards, etc., is that diabetes treatment always is a guessing game. What works this week? What do you want to try tonight? Let's see what P.E. class does! Puberty? Sure, throw some of that in.

I don't think it ever gets easier. I just think you acquire deeper levels of acceptance.