Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pen

We got the Pen training today. We have joined the basal/bolus world. Just in time too, as Daniel's numbers have been off the charts these past few days, over 300. Is it the Chebe bread mix?

I called to get an appointment for Nora with Daniel's gastroeneterologist. There are no openings through the end of the year. THE END OF THE YEAR!!! *sigh*


Shannon said...


About the trends you mentioned, I had to laugh because that's what we go through too. We'll wait 3 days and after making some adjustments, he'll flip back to where he was before the trend. We're constantly adjusting.

You've got it worse because he's going through puberty and major hormone upheavals.

The changes we make apply for a week or two at a time sometimes. It's continual.

Naomi said...

Yeah, the nurse was talking about that today, and how we're going to be making lots of changes all through the teenage years. Once he gets to be about 19 or so it should start to settle down.

Yikes, he's growing up fast enough as it is! :O