Friday, August 31, 2007

Super low

Second blog of the day. Daniel just had his lowest low ever. He wasn't even feeling that low, he said, but when he tested he was 38. So I told him to stay still and calmly got the pixie stix (did you see that? calmly? yeah, right, only on the outside) and told him that the nurse at the hospital told me her T-1 husband was walking around with a low of 12 once.

Daniel said he was suddenly starving and wanted free food, like cheese sticks. After his pixie stick he had 2 cheese sticks and a piece of roast beef. He's blinking his eyes really hard and shaking his head -- trying to clear the spots from his vision because suddenly he's close to passing out. So he took just one glucose tablet while waiting for the 15 minutes to go by and when time is up he is at 72.

Night time shot is in 1/2 hour. Big snack tonight, I think.

My stomach hurts.

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